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6th grade required immunizations

Hepatitis A- 2 doses*
Meningitis (MCV4)-1 dose
Tdap-1 dose
*Hepatitis A requires 2 doses given at least 6 months apart, proof of at least 1 dose is needed by the first day of school.
Don't forget to send a copy of your child's vaccine record with the required vaccines and dates given to the school nurse by the first day of school (August 6th).  If your physician is not able to schedule a visit until after August 6th, send a note instead to the nurse with your student's name, student's date of birth and date of the scheduled appointment. 
Starting this school year, any student who does not have immunization records up to date will not be allowed to attend field trips or participate in extra curricular activities until this requirement has been completed or is in progress.  Failure to comply with this state requirement by the 20th day of school may cause your student to be excluded from school. 
So don't delay get your students vaccines updated today!
If you have already sent in the updated vaccine record-
hank you