• Testing Center Information


    Where is the Testing Center and when is it open?


    Location: Room 1305 - Behind the Innovation Center in the downstairs Shamrock Hallway

    Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays during CORE and from 3:40 pm - 5:00 pm.  We are open for release students during their release periods.

    Sign-Up: STUDENTS MUST BE SIGNED UP on TheSchoolCORE.com to attend (does not apply to release students).   


    Student Guidelines


    Communicate with your teacher that you plan to take your assessment in the Testing Center. 

    Students must sign up on TheSchoolCORE.com if they are coming to make up an assessment.  

    Photo ID required (or picture of your ID, or PowerSchool/Canvas account with picture showing)

    Backpacks/personal items are not allowed at your desk area and must be left in the front of the room.

    All electronic devices must be turned off (no alarms, no vibrate) and be placed in a sleeve, small bag, or face down under your seat - this includes laptops, cell phones, Apple watches, etc.  (automatic 0 on the assessment and a Thursday school if proctor sees these items out)

    No food, no drink

    Assessments are kept in the Testing Center for two weeks. After that point, it will be returned to your teacher for no credit.    


    What do I do when I get to the Testing Center?


    Be sure you meet all Student Guidelines listed above.

    Give picture ID to the proctor.

    Take your assessment to your seat and begin working.

    ROCK that assessment with your best effort.

    Return completed assessment to the proctor.


    Questions?  Send Mrs. Ellis a Canvas message anytime.