• WHS Student eLearning Day Information


    1. All assignments for your classes will be listed on your Canvas calendar by 10:00 a.m. (If the day starts as a delay and then moves to a cancellation, assignments will still be posted by 10 AM).  Your calendar will look the same as it does for a normal day of school. Simply click on each class to see the work you need to complete.  
    2. Your teachers have set Office Hours where they are available to message through Canvas or email if you have any questions.  Office hours are listed on your teacher’s Canvas page and also under eLearning on the WHS website under Students and Parents tab.
    3. If you experience any issues with your device, password, or Canvas we have a technology hotline set up for you to call at 317-867-8087. The tech hotline will be available from 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m. the day of the school cancellation/eLearning day.  Messages can be left and phone calls will be returned.
    4. You have two (2) school days after an eLearning day to complete and submit your work.
      1. For example, if Wednesday is an eLearning day you must complete and submit all assignments by the start of school Monday morning.
      2. If you run into Internet issues at home, the Cafeteria (mobile lab) will have open hours the two afternoons after an eLearning day from 3:45 p.m.-6:45 p.m.  The Cafeteria will be supervised by staff members.
      3. Your attendance for the eLearning day is determined by completing and submitting assignments for each class.  If you do not turn in an assignment for a class on time you WILL be counted ABSENT for that class.  

    Below is an example of how teachers will take attendance:

    • If you submit all your work in your English class, your English teacher will enter your attendance in PowerSchool as “Present” for that class on the day of eLearning.
    • If you DO NOT submit your English assignment in this class, your English teacher will enter your attendance in PowerSchool as “Absent” on the of eLearning.
      1. Attendance will be taken by completed assignments for each of your classes.
      2. Taking attendance on an eLearning day is required like a regular school day by the Indiana Department of Education.  Absences on eLearning days are included in a student’s total absences.