Before and After School Programs


    2021-2022 BAC and Zone 58

    Due to our low staffing at our BAC sites, we have reached our maximum enrollment for 2021-22 BAC at the schools listed below and extensive waitlists have been established.

    • Carey Ridge Elementary
    • Maple Glen Elementary
    • Shamrock Springs Elementary
    • Washington Woods Elementary

    We are still able to accept before and after school care enrollment at Monon Trail Elementary, Oak Trace Elementary, and Westfield Intermediate School and the non-school days we are open for full day care at all schools.


    New Families--Instructions to Setup EZ ChildTrack Account

    2021-22 BAC and Zone 58 Online Enrollment Instructions

    2021-22 BAC and Zone 58 Fee Matrix (Includes Prof Dev/Delayed)

    2021-22 BAC and Zone 58 Calendar

    2021-22 Non-school Days and Break Care Enrollment & Withdrawal Deadline Dates (revised 9-28-21)

    Credit Card Convenience Fee Notice Starting May 28, 2021


    Weather Delays and Closure Information for BAC

    2021-22 Procedures for Weather Delays and Cancellations for BAC and Zone 58


    Handbook and Policies

    2021-22 BAC & Zone 58 Handbook and Policies


    Snack Menu

    September 2021 PM Snack Menu

    October 2021 PM Snack Menu

    Break Plans and Non-school Days
    Full day childcare will be available during breaks and scheduled non-school days.  Break care requires additional enrollment and fees.  Non-school full day care dates: (8/9/21; 9/15/21; 11/5/21; 1/12/22; 1/17/22, 2/18/22, 2/21/22, and 4/20/22) are available and open to enrollment (and withdraw) up to 14 days prior to each date listed.  Parents may submit Break Care enrollment online through EZ ChildTrack by selecting specific days the child will be attending during each break.  Break Care enrollment is open to any Westfield Washington School student grades K through 13 years old.  The child does not need to be currently enrolled in 2021-2022 BAC or Zone 58 to enrolled in break care.  Each break is open for online enrollment starting August 1, 2021 until two weeks prior to the start of each break.  Families may cancel their child's break enrollment by the same deadline dates.    
    2020-2021 Non-school Dates and Enrollment Deadlines (online enrollment dates and cancellation dates are the same)
    • Sept 15, 2021 (enroll or withdraw by 9/1/21)
    • Nov 5, 2021 (enroll or withdraw by 10/22/21)
    • Jan 12, 2022 (enroll or withdraw by 1/4/22)
    • Jan 17, 2022 (enroll or withdraw by 1/3/22)
    • Feb 18, 2022 (enroll or withdraw by 2/4/22)
    • Feb 21, 2022 (enroll or withdraw by 2/7/22)
    • April 20, 2022 (enroll or withdraw by 4/12/22)

    2020-2021 Break Plans Dates and Enrollment Deadlines (online enrollment dates and cancellation dates are the same):
    • Fall Break, October 18-22, 2021 (enroll or withdraw by 10/4/2021)
    • Thanksgiving Break, Nov 24, 2021 (enroll or withdraw by 11/10/2021)
    • Winter Break, Dec 20-23, 2021 and Dec 27-30, 2021 (closed Dec 24 and Dec 31) (enroll or withdraw 12/6/21)
    • Spring Break, April 1-8, 2022 (enroll or withdraw by 3/19/2021)
    EZ ChildTrack is available to manage your child's BAC and/or Zone 58 account.  Access your account through the district website.  If you have any questions, please call (317) 867-8017 or (317) 867-8008.
    BAC follows all policies outlined in the district's student handbooks.
    Contact Information for BAC & Zone 58 Program Leads

    Carey Ridge Elementary BAC:  Katherine Carpenter, BAC Lead and Jared Skinner, BAC Lead                
    Enter at Door 4B               
    Site:  (317) 867-6216    Cell:  (317) 450-3632          

    Maple Glen Elementary BAC:  Austin Smith, BAC Lead and Peyton Miles, BAC Lead             
    Enter at Door 27               
    Site:  (317) 896-4716    Cell:  (317) 460-3016                 
    Monon Trail Elementary BAC:  Sheila Clark, BAC Lead                
    Enter at Door 26                
    Site:  (317) 867-8616    Cell:  (317) 605-5962           

    Oak Trace Elementary BAC:  Lisa Booher BAC Lead and Stephanie Ragan, BAC Lead              
    Enter at Door 20B                
    Site:  (317) 867-6416    Cell:  (317) 452-0588                        
    Shamrock Springs Elementary BAC:  Leslie London, BAC Lead               
    Enter at Door 3               
    Site:  (317) 867-7416    Cell:  (317) 473-5105                

    Washington Woods Elementary BAC:  Michelle Walker, BAC Lead               
    Enter at Door 4B                
    Site:  (317) 867-7916    Cell:  (317) 503-8500               
    Westfield Intermediate Zone 58: Clayton Hynes, Zone 58 Lead
    Enter at Door 10 
    Site: (317) 867-6516   Cell: (317) 503-3290
    Director of Early Childhood Learning:  Marci Derado
    Parent communication for program questions or issues
    Office:  (317) 867-8069    Cell: (317) 407-8182
    Assistant Director of Student Support Programs:  Leeann Adams
    Office:  (317) 867-8025    Cell:  (317) 619-5869
    Business Office for Student Support Programs: 
    Kathy Petty, Administrative Coordinator
    Office:  (317) 867-8008
    Donna Benedict, Enrollment and Accounts Coordinator
    Office:  (317) 867-8017